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Josh Axelrod



  • Nickname: Josh
  • Hometown: San Diego / Palo Alto
  • Hobbies: Running, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Cricket, and occasionally swimming
  • Shoes or sandals: Depends on location- Lab: Shoes, Everywhere else: Sandals
  • Music: rock, metal
  • Favorite genre of movies: comedy, action and adventure, sci-fi
  • Television shows: The Office, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory
  • One item that you cannot live without: toaster oven
  • Favorite quote: Still deciding

Research Portfolio

  • Education: BS in Chemical Engineering, UCSD Class of 2011
  • Research experience:
Oncomed Pharmisuticals, Intern, June 2007-September 2007
Paternostro Lab Sanford Burnham, Intern/Lab Assistant Part time, April 2008-December 2009, June 2010-Current
  • Research interests: Oncology, Cancer Drug research
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